Spring Membership Drive

Dear Center Director,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out once again regarding PADSA’s Spring Membership Drive. We’ve extended the invitation for all Adult Day Providers to join our association, but unfortunately, memberships have been trickling in slowly. This simply isn’t good enough.

Let’s cut to the chase. PADSA’s ability to survive and effectively represent the interests of Adult Day Providers hinges on YOUR membership. Over the past several years, PADSA has achieved significant milestones in advocating for you at critical decision-making tables within the healthcare landscape. But without a robust membership base, this progress is at risk of unraveling.

Here’s the stark reality: without a substantial number of members, PADSA’s influence diminishes, and so does your voice. Without us, you risk:

  • Losing crucial connections with vital entities like PDA, OLTL, and representation on key committees addressing provider issues.
  • Missing out on regular dialogues that shape policies affecting your business.
  • Forfeiting the invaluable advocacy of one of Harrisburg’s most effective lobbyists, Former State Senator Roy C. Afflerbach.

In the words of our lobbyists: “If you’re not at the table, you’re not in the game.”It’s imperative that you’re represented by an organization with a strong membership base. Going it alone simply won’t suffice.

For the sake of your business and that of all Adult Day Providers, I urge you to join PADSA today. Your participation is critical to our collective success.

To join PADSA and seize the opportunity to make a difference, please sign up at www.padsa.org. Please complete the form with all your detailed information. At the end, you can follow the link to pay by credit card.

Together, let’s ensure that PADSA remains a powerful force in advocating for the interests of Adult Day Providers across Pennsylvania.

Warm regards,

Leslie Gilman
President, Pennsylvania Adult Day Services Association (PADSA)