Mission and Vision

Established in 1982, PADSA is an organization of providers and concerned individuals interested in the promotion of quality adult day services in Pennsylvania. More than 100 centers and individuals are represented by PADSA in meetings with key policymakers and legislators.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pennsylvania Adult Day Services Association is to serve the interests of its members and to enhance the quality and professionalism of adult day services through advocacy, education, networking, marketing and promotion of operational excellence.

Our Vision

The vision of PADSA is to see adult day services universally recognized as an essential option in the continuum of care with assured access for those who could benefit from the services.

Our Goals

  • To encourage high standards of practice in adult day services program areas
  • To provide members of the Association with an opportunity to mutually exchange ideas and information to the field of adult day services
  • To provide community education directed toward developing a constituency, which will support the development of adult day services programs
  • To provide public and professional education for the purpose of informing providers and consumers about the benefits of adult day services programs as an appropriate level of care
  • To support the development of public policy supportive to the adult day services program in the community in balance with community needs
  • To support, encourage and conduct data acquisition and evaluation activities of adult day services programs
  • To undertake other roles related to the coordination or quality of adult day services programs

If you are interested in serving on any committees related to accomplishing our goals, contact your regional representative.