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The Pennsylvania Department of Aging provides valuable
resources and information regarding COVID-19 for older adults

The safety and well-being of Pennsylvania’s older adults and their families and caregivers
are the Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s top priorities.  To keep you updated during COVID-19,
we have developed a list of resources and updates to programs and services that we provide.



November is National Family Caregiver Month

At PADSA we want to take a moment and recognize the outstanding family caregivers we support each day. Family’s who care for and support their loved ones do so out of love and devotion, it is certainly not an easy responsibility. Many caregivers face challenges of competing responsibilities, and the choices they make related to work, family, and social lives are undeniably difficult. PADSA is honored to work with so many families to offer respite and step in as part of their network of support to ensure their loved ones are safe, engaged, and loved during the day.

Here are some resources for our Family Caregivers:
AARP Article about family Caregivers
2015 study about caregiving in America
Article that highlights 10 tips for Family Caregivers



Our PADSA Board has been working hard to advocate for you in this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.
PASDA Board members are providers who work for large organizations and small businesses, just like you.
We all feel the effects of this mandatory closure on our businesses, and we all feel the heartbreak
knowing our participants may not be getting the support and services they need and want.
We have been on countless calls with decision makers in Harrisburg, as well as Managed Care Organizations,
and other agencies to advocate for the amazing services we provide and the people we support.

 On Friday, April 3, 2020 we submitted a proposal to the state to secure retainer payments for our programs.

At this time, you can continue to support PADSA by:
Reaching out to us directly if you have questions.
Reading your emails from us, which may have information about important calls or next steps.
Reaching out if you are interested in being a member of the Board!

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